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Five Differences Between India and China

Rajiv Lall, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC), was the opening keynote speaker at the India Business Conference 2008. The India-China economy comparison is inevitable in any business conference. As the head of IDFC, Lall talked about India’s infrastructure issues by comparing it to China’s.

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Indian government finances 50% of its infrastructure projects. Therefore, India is not as highly levered as China where the govt only invests 16% from the budget and 54% is funded by debt from banks and private sector. However, India has very high subsidies and inefficient distribution system and hence loss-making operations. For e.g. 45% of the total power distributed is lost due to theft (illegal tapping of power lines).

In India, only 44% villages have power. Farmers enjoy subsidies, and power is delivered for free to villages. On the other hand, 99% of China’s villages are powered. Rural taxes are often higher than those in urban areas.

Said Lall, India’s biggest challenge – Leadership. Enough said!


  1. antony says:

    I want to know the time difference of India and chinna to know the the time of starting of OLYMPICS 2008

  2. Atindriya says:

    As you wrote: Law No, Order Yes. Another way to say it is that there is no democracy in China. It is a totalitarian regime. When Indian workers protest, generally the authorities listen. Fundamental Rights do have a value in India. In China, when people protest, they get shot down. The citizens down there have no right against the Govt. Got the big idea, buddy?

  3. anand rathore says:

    diffrence in india&china

  4. Amlan says:

    India: 5 men on railway track = disruption of rail service = democracy exists.
    We really need to be more ordered and disciplined, cannot promote lack of discipline in the name of democracy. Nobody admires tyrants, same way no-one should admire anarchism in the name of democracy. We can learn good things from China, what is the problem? If we do not admit our problems and try to rectify them, are we in any way better than China?

  5. karma_2000 says:

    india now have more than 800 human gods in which more than 40 lakhs of people believe.religious indoctrination is in extreame in INDIA . INDIA will never grow as CHINA !!!!!!!!!!! it is guareenteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sudam says:

    india will lead very soon ……………..but it has to work hard in its internal politics and social & infrastructure issue………………….

  7. prashant says:

    my frends iam with the previous comment that india can bridge the gap between india and china ……………………………………
    but ya it has to work very hard………..

  8. Justin says:

    I would like to say that people in china are really good n friendly but they lack talents they work fearing the boss,even if they r in communist country.
    In India ppl are much more brilliant,but as there is no one to fear they are LAZY

  9. surajthegreat says:


  10. Vijay kumar says:

    Nothing is impossible.india can proove a best.we will be ahead of china in all field….just go on working………jai hind

  11. sashanka says:

    we hav freedom i love my country n tis freedom u dnt get ny wer else…china has development n no freedom…wat use is it

  12. nagju bhatt says:

    indian politicians fuck indian govermentotewise india can overtake chinas economy by 2020.

  13. nani says:

    china is developed country, but we shouldn’t do bad comments on our country, and our country is developing country…

    definitely INDIA will prove that ::”IT IS A BEST COUNTRY”::


  14. vijay says:

    India will be developed country soon,If Indian Leaders want to law as well as order’s.

  15. kannika says:

    we shouldnt comment on our own motherland india.instead we should be proud to be born as indians.india has maintained her democrcy since 1947.

  16. colmansuart says:

    i visited the 2 country to search for potential workers. but, i can say that India will never develop like China. most Indian people aren’t only lazy, they also dominate their boss. where as Chinese people, they work very hard and help their boss to promote their business. most Indian people always want facility to work. but after that, they abuse this facility. what’s why indian can’t be like china

  17. Teertha rai says:

    china is now second largest economy holder country…. and its growing faster than any other on earth…but india too will be the super power by some decades… love u both country

  18. jitu says:

    i agreed that china is more devloped then india but we r growing fast interms of IT and BPO sector, no doubt we r much sharp then chinese, but mind u we r lazy too.

  19. jagan says:

    India will grow only if new comers in the politics and no law and orders should be strong and Main thing is No corruption . EVery indian think in that angle definitly india will be the number one.

  20. ishaan says:

    india is :
    above from china in:
    3.talent is more eco-freindly has more tourist attractions,adds,dance,fight,navy and have a better future

  21. Babu M Varma says:

    In India the work culture is entirely different from China, in china they are using 75% of their knowledge to accomplish the job  with available facility. but in India, need good facility in terms of better environment . attitude of the people is most important. one of the main reason Indians are not ready to work in India but in foreign countries they work like a ……….
    In India people are ready to accept what ever be the changes making by governments day by day , like hike in petrol price, Power  consumption Bill, LPG etc. only the political parties making the strike but it will adversely effect  public life. people should react for the betterment of their life.
    In china which is not like that ,

  22. Babu M Varma says:

    Dear Kannika,
    can u say that the women can walk in the midnight alone , is it possible in India.
    first we have to check with our democracy.

  23. g1989 says:

    i think in india less number of people are think about our country’s growth we only think about my money , my needs , my job ,my salary no one is think towards our economy and growth , selfishness is the biggest problem of India………….

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